The Spirit of Olympics encompass all!!

The Spirit of Olympics encompass all!!

With the lighting of the Olympic caldron, the magic of Olympicsenlightened in Rio Jenerio…

With rhythmic beats of samba music, enthralling songs, dandy dancers, spectacular laser light display, top model Gisele Bundchen’s famous ramp sashay, Brazil impressed at the opening ceremony. Keeping the unrest and disgruntled cries of the resentment aside, the country got into the carnival mode. There were bright hues; bit of history, Rio was living up to the slogan of this Olympic Games-“Viva suapaixao (Live your passion!)”.

And the world is ready to witness the sporting bonanza. Few interesting features:

  • In Rio Olympics, nearly 45% of the participants at Rio are women, the highest representation ever.
  • An unprecedented addition in these Games was the Emergence of ‘Refugee Team’. This team comprises of 10 athletes from Syria, South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.They were cheered heartily.
  • Indian Contingent has total of 123 athletes, it’s the largest delegation till date.
  • Gymnast DipaKarmakar, aged 22 has created history by becoming the first Indian woman to qualify for Olympics in 52 years.She stood out from the rest by performing the dangerous routine called‘Produnova’ on vault table.
  • Indian Hockey team won a match after 12 years, the last being against South Korea in 2004 in Athens.

Sport enthusiast world over are excited to watch Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Neymer rewrite history in Rio.

Indians viewers are hoping that Indian teams and athletes will bring home glory, and become inspiration for the upcoming athletes.

Olympics Games have stood the test of time, it has regaled and entertained and inspired athletes and sports lovers all over the world. It has united the world with the love of sports.Friendly competitive sports environment would help human bonds grow and thrive.

The Olympics Games stands for Equality, perseverance, Excellence and sincerity. It showcases the indomitable human spirit.

So let’s play …

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